About U-Lift

U-Lift Train AB produces wheelchair lifts and wheelchair ramps for train and tram.
All products are developed, engineered and sold by U-Lift Train AB.

U-Lift Train AB is market leader in Scandinavia in its segment, with a large portion of export sales.
U-Lift Train AB products make disabled people's travelling more convenient and improves the working environment for vehicle drivers and operators.

U-Lift Train AB supplies a high level of safety for passengers and operators, increasing levels of safety improvements are a continuously ongoing process within the company.

U-Lift is certified according to ISO 9001, for welding according to EN 3834 and EN 15085. All lifts are constructed and built to meet the European Machinery Directive UE 2006/42/EC and EN 1756-2:2004 + A1:2009. All lifts in the INV-300 Series have the TSI PRM 2008/164/EG – Certificate.


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